We are currently growing 53 different varieties of hop plants, which have the potential to create thousands of beer styles and personalities to suit your beer-brewing needs.

The Farm

Our 2.5 acre farm is nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, nurtured by an average 320 days of sunshine.  With over 4 generations of Colorado growing knowledge, you can depend on us for quality. 

We're confident that we grow quality hops because we brew with the hops we grow in our own field.  After harvest time, we use the cones to brew with at our award-winning brewery.

Hops are no longer available for shipment for this season.  Check back in Spring 2015 when we will add hops back to the online store.

Merchandise can still be purchased through the store.

Hop Plants  vs.  Hop Rhizomes

We sell fully-rooted hop plants at High Hops, which is different from a hop rhizome.  Rhizomes are a piece of a root, as seen on the right side of the picture.  Our plants, seen on the left, already have an established root structure, as well as leafy growth which will mature much more quickly than a rhizome. 

Note that many rhizome sellers suggest planting more than one rhizome together to ensure the plants survive, and to give off more shoots from the same planting site.  With a plant, you'll only need to place one plant at each site to be rewarded with many shoots.

Our Plants

  • Phytosanitary Certified
  • Thoroughly Inspected
  • Fully-Rooted
  • Shipped Nationwide
  • Available for Bulk Orders
  • Used in award-winning beer
Our Plants



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We're doing some maintenance on our online store! Please bear with us as we work to improve your experience!  You can view all plant varieties we carry, but availablilty will be updated mid April when plants are fully rooted & ready to sell. Bulk orders need to be placed by the end of February to receive them this growing season!